Adaptive Solar Design Workshop

The Adaptive Solar Design Workshop was held from March 21-25 2011 as a Spring Seminar Week option for architecture students at the ETH Zürich.


(Image of component by Eva Lüginbuhl and Fabian Reimer)

The workshop was designed to introduce architecture students to the concept of adaptive design through the use of basic programming/physical computing. The result of the workshop was the prototyping of adaptive solar facade components based on concepts derived from Valentino Braitenberg's cognitive machines.

Over the course of five days, working in teams of two, students were introduced to physical computing through the Arduino IDE. Adaptive solar facade components were programmed and physically prototyped in parallel with conceptual integration into a facade design. The students had no previous experience in programming or physical computing.

Workshop participants: Lars Abersold, Julien Bellot, Guilia Bosia, Hao Li, Eva Lüginbuhl and Fabian Reimer.

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