'The House of Seasons' at the competition 'Next Generation Sustainable House'

For the second year a SuAT students team was invited to the international university architectural competition 'Next Generation Sustainable House' in Japan. This year the students had to develop the design of a 'Retreat in Nature' for a site in Taiki-Cho, Hokkaido, Japan. Our congratulations to the team of the Harvard University who won this year's final against the teams of  TU Delft and NU Singapore.

Outer perspectives of the project 'The House of Seasons'

Based on the results of the LowEx+Arch seminar 2012 a group of SuAT students composed by Sara Vima, Tom Doan and Daniel Schürer, developed a concept entitled 'The House of Seasons'. The project is a remarkable example of how questions of energy and architecture can be fruitfully combined to generate new concepts of sustainable living. The seminar and the competition project were tutored by Michele Leidi, Jimeno Fonseca, Sasha Cisar and Arno Schlüter.

Perspective section of the project 'The House of Seasons'

About the project:
The designed concept relies on straw, a byproduct of agriculture, that in a compressed form is used as both construction material and renewable source of energy. During the hot season the inhabitants of the house engage in a constructive process creating the units of straw and placing them on top of each other to construct the house. Later, during the cold season, they take advantage of their work inside the house and, unit-by-unit, they de-construct it to generate the required heating energy. In this process interior and exterior walls get gradually consumed, opening the house to the slow changes of seasons. Energy becomes thus something accountable and visually present in the everyday life of the inhabitants.


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