Results of the Workshop 'Sun, Air and the City' exhibited at CAADRIA

An installation with a video of the workshop process and an urban model of the results has been exhibited at the Kyoto Institute of Technology during the CAADRIA conference from the 14 to the 17 May.

Workshops Exhibition Session during the CAADRIA conference in Kyoto.

In the frame of the CAADRIA conference a group of international students and academics has been exposed during a 2-days workshop to a newly developed methodology entitled Volumetric Site Analysis (VSA). VSA allows to analyze environmental resources of urban sites to derive from them suggestions for the conceptualization of urban architecture. After having observed the distribution of various resources such as solar radiations, airflow and visibilities, the participants developed a series design sketches that have been 3D printed and presented in a joint urban model. A poster and a video related to this topic have also been presented at the conference.

Hall where 7 Workshops took place before the CAADRIA conference.


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