Seminarweek Spring 2012: "Adaptive Solar Facade Workshop"

The Adaptive Solar Facade Workshop will introduce students to concepts of adaptive systems and their potential in sustainable facade design. Buildings, while often thought of as static objects, have the capacity to respond to and influence their environments. During the workshop we will explore the design of dynamic facade systems with the capacity to respond to changes in both internal and external environmental factors such as the sun and user behaviour.


Image: Sequence of horse galloping by Eadweard Muybridge Source: Muybridge_horse_gallop.jpg

Students will be introduced to Rhino/Grasshopper as a platform for creating visual representations of dynamic, responsive building facade systems. One project created during the workshop will be selected for submission to the International VELUX Award ( The workshop will take place in Zürich, and will be led in English. No previous knowledge of Grasshopper is required.

March 19-23 2012 ETH Hönggerberg
Category A


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Architecture & Sustainable Building Technologies

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