Jimeno A. Fonseca / B.Sc Eng., M.Sc. Arch-Eng.
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Curriculum Vitae

Jimeno A. Fonseca holds degrees in Civil Engineering (PUJ 2009) and Architectural Engineering with honors (POLIMI 2011). His main field of research lies in the integration of local energy potentials in urban areas.

Fonseca, J.A., Schlueter, A. 2015. Integrated model for characterization of spatiotemporal building energy consumption patterns in neighborhoods and city districts, Applied energy,Vol.142, p 247 -265.
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Fonseca, J.A., Schlueter, A., 2013. Method and data analysis for assessment of local energy potentials for urban transformation: Case study of a mixed use city quarter in: CISBAT 2013 - International conference cleantech for smart cities and buildings: from nano to urban scale, 4th of September 2013, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Fonseca, J.A., Schlueter, A., 2013. Novel approach for decentralized energy supply and energy storage of tall buildings in Latin America based on renewable energy sources: Case study – Informal vertical community Torre David, Caracas – Venezuela. Energy, Vol 53, p. 93-105.
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