Moritz Begle / BSc Arch, MAA, OTF
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Curriculum Vitae

Moritz Begle (born in 1989 in Luzern Switzerland) is an Architect graduated from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IAAC) in Barcelona, with a related thesis in the field of “Self-sufficient Buildings“. After graduating from the University of Liechtenstein with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture he worked for Früh Architects ZT GmbH (Austria) and Hornberger Architects AG (Switzerland), where he was mainly involved in design for housing and creating concepts for public building complexes. At IAAC (Barcelona) he was part of the vision “Smartblock 2020” and the Master Thesis project "The Jungle“ which was awarded with the „Innovative Energy Award", proposing a new, adaptable and reactive infrastructure for filtering pollution particles in the city and enhancing air quality. After completing the Open Thesis Fabrication he was mainly focussed on digital fabrication and 1:1 prototyping, doing the "Fab Academy" at the FAB LAB Barcelona and working as a Teaching-Assistent at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya in Spain. Currently he is working on the "HiLo Project" at the Chair of Architecture & Building Systems of Prof. Arno Schlüter at ETH Zürich.

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