The Professorship of Architecture and Building Systems (A/S) researches on active and passive systems for building climatization and energy supply, spanning from components to neighborhoods, from design to operation. The motivation and aim of research is to realize a CO2-neutral built environment that efficiently consumes and produces energy while providing high user comfort. The research is focused on efficient systems that operate in synthesis with architectural / urban design and construction, adaptive to the occupants and the exterior climatic conditions. The interdisciplinary group comprises of researchers from different backgrounds such as architecture, engineering and computer science. The methods used, researched and developed are strongly based on modeling, simulation and data analytics. Physical prototypes are used to experiment and evaluate novel integrated systems utilizing real-world case studies on both building and neighborhood scale.


'Zurich Klimapreis 2014 - Sonderpreis Bauen und Wohnen' for the project Zernez Energia 2020

'3rd Prize' - Student Competition at the 4th. Holcim Forum 2013, Mumbai
for the contribution 'Beyond Efficiency', Marcel Brülisauer and Kian Wee Chen

'Golden Lion', Venice Architecture Biennale 2012
for the project „Torre David - Gran Horizonte“ of Urban-Think Tank (UTT), Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, H. Klumpner und A. Brillembourg. SuAT contribution to the project: Sustainable energy and infrastructure concept, integrated design and feasibility study.

'Award of Excellence', Tokio, 2012
for the project ‘Transient Boundaries’ at the 'International Student Competition for the Next Generation Sustainable House’, awarded by Kengo Kuma and Lixell Foundation, Tokyo