ASF - Adaptive Solar Facade

The Adaptive Solar Facade (ASF) project explores novel integration of photovoltaic technology into building facades combined with occupant centered control. The aim of the research is to develop architectural systems that are energetically productive, but also respond to the desires of building occupants thereby creating increased comfort. The details of such systems are negotiated through physical prototyping. Prototyping includes: novel soft actuator technology, lightweight structural support systems, thin film photovoltaic integration, adaptive algorithms and user interaction. Additionally, custom software is being developed to predict the performance of such systems.


 The success of early prototypes has led to invitations for real world implementations. Current work is directed toward the realization of full scale working prototypes for the NEST project at EMPA, and the House of Natural Resources project at ETH Zurich. Current collaboration on the ASF development includes Flisom A.G., producer of high-efficiency thin film photovoltaics cells.