FCL -Future Cities Lab Module 1: LowExergy

As part of the Future Cities Lab Singapore, the Low Exergy Research Module aims to advance the research on Low Exergy building systems (cooling, distributed ventilation and dehumidification, lighting) in a highly dense urban context. The primary research objective is the integrated design and operation of zero emission buildings. Following the low‐exergy approach, distributed building service systems will be employed for the environmental management of building space.

Advanced building automation systems and control strategies will be researched for efficient operation by considering changing, dynamic weather conditions and occupancy. The research addresses the building lifecycle from design to operation. This includes approaches on integrated design using building information modelling and optimization, the development of new technical systems to cope with the challenging climate up to strategies of efficient operation supported by sensors and monitoring.

Duration: 2010 - ongoing
Funding: Singapore‐ETH Centre for Global Environmental Sustainability (SEC) 

Partner: Building Systems Group, Prof. Dr. Hansjuerg Leibundgut, ETH Zurich; National University Singapore (NUS), Prof. Dr. Patrick Janssen; Nanyang Technical University Singapore (NTU), Prof. Dr. Mo Li SuAT Team: Kian Wee, Cheng Li

Future Cities Laboratory (FCL)
FCL Module 1 LowExergy

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