InduCity - Sustainable Transformation of a City Quarter

The case study on the Siemens area in Zug provides an insight into both the prospects and barriers to implementing the 2000-watt/ 1 ton CO2 society on industrial areas. The challenge lies in the transformation of a former industrial site into a heterogeneous city quarter while retaining current production on site. The research of SuAT focuses on the acquisition of site energy and systems data, analysis of renewable energy potentials at the site and the research of optimal retrofit strategies addressing both district energy systems as well as building retrofit.

By generating various scenarios significant impacts on the community will be assessed and conclusively, transferrable methodologies can be conveyed. These will be integrated into the software tool ‘City Lifecycle Manager’ for modeling, calculation and visualisation. Within this framework the industrial area of Zug represents a pilot study for the development and application of consultancy software on area transformations.

Partners: NSSI, Institute for Environmental Decisions ETH Zürich; Institut für Wissen, Energie und Rohstoffe (WERZ), Zug; Siemens Building Technologies, Zug