PoSip - Potentials of Site and Proximity

Physical properties of a building site such as solar radiation, air flows, and visibilities are key factors to achieve human comfort and an emission-free and energy-efficient employment of technologies in buildings. A better understanding of these properties and their distribution in the urban space-time allows to identify specific potentials of a building site. Once identified, such potentials can be included in the conceptual design process supporting architectural and urban concepts that consider the site-specificity of the local resources. 

This research project introduces a set of new analytic and visualization methods which allow the quantification and representation of the physical properties of a site. The methodology, entitled Volumetric Site Analysis (VSA), is based on the discretization of the urban site into a volumetric grid of points. For each of these points different physical properties such as solar radiation, airflow, and visibility are computed. Subsequently interactive visualization techniques allow the observation of the site at a volumetric, directional and dynamic level making visible information that is typically invisible.

Several case-studies in development demonstrate how this allows to obtain suggestions for example for the definition of the form of a building or for the definition of its surfaces. This approach aims at developing a conceptual design process that allows the fusion of active technologies, passive methods, and expressive aspects, in cohesive concepts able to embrace and exploit the specificity of an urban site.

This research is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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