UMEM - Urban Multi-scale Energy Modeling

The development and analysis of new urban energy retrofit scenarios has to be supported by advanced simulation methods covering different interacting urban domains: the urban microclimate including urban heat island effects and climatic change, building energy systems on city quarter and urban level and human behaviour regarding energy consumption on urban level in different types of buildings. The aim of the UMEM project is to further develop existing models over the different scales, from material to urban and regional meteorological level.

in order to interface between each other for the exchange of necessary information between the domains enabling a general simulation model for the correct evaluation of urban energy retrofit scenarios. Within the project, SuAT focuses on the link between the building / city quarter scale and the urban scale by extending the Design Performance Framework developed at the Chair.

Partners: Chair of Building Physics, ITA, ETH Zürich; EMPA; LESOSAI, EPF Lausanne