Zernez Energia 2020

The project addresses the transformation of the entire village of Zernez in the Swiss alps to be able to abandon fossil fuels for building operation. To develop appropriate strategies, ecologically as well as economically, SuAT researches and develops bottom-up modeling based on surveyed building data of 309 buildings, using clustering to identify similarities in order to develop cost- and energy optimal retrofit strategies.

Complementary, top-down, large scale energy infrastructures are researched and evaluated, exploring the interfaces between the urban and building scale. Proposed solutions will be applied in two exemplary pilot projects in the village.

Partners: Partners: Energy Science Center ETH, Prof. K. Christiaanse (DARCH), Prof. Dr. J. Carmeliet (DARCH ETH), Prof. Dr. S. Hellweg (DBAUG ETH), Industry partners