Summer School

How do renewable energy supply strategies influence urban form?

Energy and the City - Sustainable Urban Transformation of an Industrial Area

Organized by the chair of Architecture & Sustainable Building Technologies, Prof. Dr. Arno Schlüter and the chair of Architecture and Urban Design, Prof. Kees Christiaanse the "InduCity Summer School" invited students of architecture and urbanism from both the ETH Zürich and EPF Lausanne to participate in a 10-day design studio to envision a sustainable urban transformation of an Industrial Area in Zug.

Students focused on framework, transformation and spatial energy, basing the development of urban scenarios on a broad range of available data and analysis conducted by an interdisciplinary research group.


The post-industrial city witnessed a substantial urban transformation by deindustrialization, where an archipelago of highly insulated areas, within the city, had to be integrated within the existing urban fabric for entire city quarters to emerge within sites of former factories. While this process is still ongoing, heavy industry of production nowadays has a marginal role and industrial production is increasingly becoming highly specialized and an application of "clean technology".


During the summer school we have investigated two different urban transformation narratives. Both were based on resources that are found in, or can be generated from the status quo. They have also shared the quality of having productive programs on-site. We have combined a more introverted urban form with a decentralized energy network, whereas a more heterogeneous and open urban morphology with an autarkic energy supply solution. By suggesting this somewhat unconventional coupling we did not aim at finding best case scenarios for the quarter. We rather seeked to find out how selected energy supply strategies influence urban form, using the two narratives as case studies.


    • Prof. Dr. Arno Schlüter Architecture & Sustainable Building Technologies (SuAT), ETH Zürich
    • Prof. Ir. Kees Christiaanse Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, ETH Zürich
    • Dr. Michael Stauffacher Institute of Environmental Decisions, ETH Zürich
    • Markus Schaefer, HosoyaSchaefer Architects AG, Zurich
    • Martin Haas, haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 / University of Pennsylvania
    • Fabienne Hoelzel, FABULOUS URBAN
    • Prof. Dr. Stefan Kurath, urbaNplus / ZHAW
    • Adrian Altenburger, Amstein + Walthert AG, Zürich
    • Dr. Peter Kiefer, Florian Straub & Stefano Grassi, Chair of Geoinformation Engineering, ETH Zürich

Image: Campus project & Urban Condenser project

Image: Project group & Design sketches

Image: Review with guest critics & Project strategies



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