Summer School

How do renewable energy supply strategies influence urban form?

LowEx+Arch Seminar

What effects do future building technologies have on architecture and how can sustainable systems be fluidly integrated into an architectural concept?


The yearly Adaptive Systems Lab Seminar Week introduces students to concepts of adaptive systems and their potential in sustainable design of building components.

Integrated Discipline

The Integrated Discipline focuses on practice and implementation of sustainable technologies in specific design tasks for architecture and urban planning.

Integrated Discipline Focal Work

Architectural concepts are more and more influenced by sustainability seen as one of the different parameters for a unique building design.

Thesis Elective

The thesis elective offers the students opportunity to research a topic within the realm of sustainable building design.


As a consequence of climate change, we need to adapt the way we live to the new age. For architects this means reducing the impact buildings have on the climate by rethinking the supply and the consumption of the building.