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Architectural concepts are more and more influenced by sustainability seen as one of the different parameters for a unique building design.


Hotel in Qatar

Designing a hotel in the desert of Qatar demands an intensive contemplation of the location and its specific understanding of sustainability. In this case the focus lies on concepts for sustainable architecture and integrated design utilizing regenerative energy systems and technologies.

Splitting the design in two parts to create very different environmental conditions for different uses was adapted from local flora and fauna strategies. Hotel rooms are buried into the ground surrounding an enclosed courtyard that offers terraces facing towards a garden. Thus, rooms are kept cool by natural cooling from the ground. Additionally, the garden offers fresh air of lower temperatures due to evaporative cooling by plants and a nice view. Public facilities, restaurants and some exposed apartments are located within a mushroom structure high above the ground level. This way, shading for the courtyard is provided and at the same time, these elements function as wind towers. The project combines passive vernacular strategies like wind catchers and evaporative cooling with modern renewable technologies to complement a reduced energy demand with non-fossil energy supply by PV and solar cooling.

Image: Michéle Skarpetowski (courtyard, sections at nighttime & daytime)

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