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SuAT offers several topics for projects on both levels, semester and master level, for Master in Energy Science and Technology students.


Product development for an innovative building refurbishment concept

BS2 is a start-up company collaborating with the chair of building systems, ETH Zürich. They are offering mechanical engineer students a semester project: Product development for an innovative building refurbishment concept.

Low heating distribution temperature is crucial for a high efficient heat pump operation. A new product idea of a Zero Emission Low Exergy (ZE-LowEx) building component contributes to lower the system temperature of existing radiator heating components in building refurbishment. This product idea is going to be evaluated theoretically and tested practically and developed to a product concept within the semester project.

Start of the project is as soon as possible. More details and how to apply

Energy model of the B35 building

This semester project was based on the B35 building located in Zurich as a case study. This building contains four apartments, a basement and a garage. The B35 brings together more than ten new LowEx building technologies that are connected in a stable technical system. The target of the building is zero CO2 emissions in operation. The technical systems of the building comprise for example PVT solar hybrid collectors (electrical and thermal), decentralized air conditioning systems, floor heating systems, ground heat exchangers, heat pumps and domestic water heaters.

The task of the semester project was to set up a model and run simulations with EnergyPlus. EnergyPlus is an energy analysis and thermal load simulation program. Based on a user's description of a building and associated technical systems, it calculates heating and cooling loads necessary to maintain thermal control setpoints, conditions throughout a HVAC, and the energy consumption of the primary plant equipment. EnergyPlus is a stand-alone simulation program that reads input and writes output as text files. Modelling and simulating the building with EnergyPlus enables to evaluate the performance of the building. After simulating the B35 and its technical systems in EnergyPlus, after the development of the energy model this semester project allowed also to test different control strategies for the technical systems of the bulding.

Images: Student KuanLin Lai, MEST


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